Quality Policy

The DAK NUTRILAB LTD laboratory, in the framework of good professional practice and high standard service in the field of microbiological and chemical controls of food, water, beverages and surfaces, has documented and applies a Management System based on the International Standard ISO 17025: 2005.

Taking into account the identity and reputation of the laboratory, DAK NUTRILAB LTD’s Management establishes this Policy to ensure that customer expectations and requirements are met in accordance with International Standard ISO 17025 and Accreditation Regulations, such as these are specified in the documents of the Accreditation Body as well as in accordance with all instructions and regulations of other entities adopted by the Accreditation Body.

The objectives of the Laboratory Quality Policy are:

  • Full satisfaction of customer requirements,
  •  Continuous improvement of customer service,
  • Providing the best quality services at competitive costs, making the best possible use of human resources, resources and know-how
  • Implementation of a Management System in accordance with ISO 17025
  • Providing reliable test results

The management of DAK NUTRILAB LTD declares its commitment to meeting these objectives by providing all necessary resources whenever required by applying procedures including preventive actions and controls to prevent unhappy customers, continuous monitoring and review of requirements and the level of supply services, the selection of the appropriate staff and the determination of their responsibilities.

The Management of DAK NUTRILAB LTD also undertakes to specify the terms and conditions that must be met in order to comply with the above requirements and to take all necessary measures for the effective and continuous implementation of the aforementioned policy. The management of the laboratory is committed to ensuring that all staff involved in the test activities are aware of the documentation of the current Management System and apply the relevant policies and procedures to its work.

For the implementation of this policy DAK NUTRILAB LTD commits to:

  • Employ experienced, skilled and trained staff
  • Review his / her ability by participating in interlaboratory schemes
  • Use modern and reliable equipment as well as standard and validated test methods.

A joint effort of all staff of DAK NUTRILAB LTD is to support the competitiveness and scientific prestige of the laboratory through continuous updating and implementation of the applicable Management System and laboratory policies and consequently through the continuous improvement of the quality of the services provided.